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The Brito 3-fold Tie

The Brito 3-fold Tie

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UNLINED 3-fold tie

The 3-fold tie is the most common. What makes it unique is its construction. Unlined and finished with a hand hem (the same as pocket handkerchiefs), to obtain a tie similar to a foulard. Light, not very thick, almost unstructured. The feeling you get when wearing it is that you don't have any tie around your neck, given its low weight. Nonetheless, the knot is perfect and has the right consistency. A great protagonist of modern times, in which comfort is often favored. Definitely recommended in the warm season or when using heavier winter fabrics, which otherwise would give life to a tie that is too thick.

Shantung silk

This type of silk is one of the rarest and most precious. It is crude and consistent. It shows the most disparate irregularities, including lumps, buttons, knots, and flames. However, being a rare silk, its irregularities are considered a unique and sought-after peculiarity. It is a fabric that does not crease and is also very resistant. Ideal for both hot summer days and cold winter days.


  • Composition : 100% SILK
  • Fabric : SILK SHANTUNG
  • Width (cms) : 8
  • Length (cms) : 150
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