Taking & Submitting Your Own Measurments

Taking your own measurements to submit to us here at The Daytron D'mur Collection design desk is a very simple process that requires three things: 
  1. Time - Make sure you have enough time to take the most accurate measures. Do not rush the process or you may not get the best results in the end. 
  2. Extra Hands - We strongly recommend not taking your measurements on your own. The best results are achieved by having someone available to help you out. A professional tailor or dressmaker is idea, but anyone who can read a tape mesure will work out fine. 
  3. A tape measure - If you or your help doesn't own a tape measure, it's okay. They are really cheap and you can pick one up just about anywhere. We suggest checking stores like Walmart, Jo Ann's Fabrics, or Michael's. A basic 60" tape will get the job done, but if you need longer, most stores carry up to 120"
Things to Be Mindful Of 
  • Write down your measurements. You can copy and print our diagram and step-by-step image here and write the numbers by each category listed. 
  • Your measurements must be accurate. In order for the garment to be cut precisely correct you cannot leave out any of the required measurements on the diagram shown. 
  • The sooner you submit the findings the sooner we can start the creative process. 
  • If handwritten, make sure it's neat and legible. If it's typed, make sure to proofread your finding so no mistakes are submitted. 
  • Once you send us the measures you have taken it is final. We will double check your findings for you however before starting the cutting process. 
Using Your Favorite or Best Garment v. Skin Measurement
If you choose to base your measurements on a particular garment you have already that fits you well, be sure to let us know on each required measurement category and we will cut it that way. This is the best method of measuring for a new custom garment if you love the way an existing garment fits already. 
A skin measurement is taking measurements directly on your body with little to no clothing interference. For skin measurements it is best if you may have had a change in weight, or would like a different type of cut like changing from a regular fit to a slim fit. Also a skin measurement is the most accurate way to a garment that fits you perfectly. 
We Are Here For You!
If you do not understand the diagram shown or the measurement instructions given, do not worry! We are here to help you! Simply contact us, and we will set up a virtual demonstration for you to follow along with. 
Ready to get started? Let's do this! 

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Men's Measurements Page Two

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